A Cultural Landmark and

Vibrant Public Gathering Space

Located in the heart of the village, on Mill Street, Creemore’s main commercial district, the Creemore Village Green was developed and is managed by the Creemore Community Foundation.

Since its opening in August 2022,  the Creemore Village Green has brought together area residents and visitors of all ages for festivals and events, such as the Summer Equinox, Harvest Festival, Christmas Tree Lighting and Sundays in the Park concert series, as well as informal gatherings.

It Takes a Village to Build a Village Green

The idea for the Creemore Village Green began in 2018 over a cup of coffee between some local residents. 

The TD Bank had recently announced the closing of its Creemore branch and the residents hoped that if the Bank could be persuaded to donate the land, a wonderful community asset could be created on the property.   

The Bank agreed, and so began a two-year visioning process that would seek input from more than 700 Creemore residents through a series of public meetings on how best to utilize the opportunity.  

What followed was a community-wide building effort consisting of 60 volunteers, 20 contractors and more than 300 financial contributors providing over $4 million of funding.  

Today, the Village Green stands as not only a significant cultural asset but a symbol of what can be accomplished when a diverse group of area residents with a common love of their community combine their respective aspirations, skills and resources. 

An Inclusive Public Space. Privately Funded.


Through a 20 year agreement with the Township of Clearview, the Creemore Community Foundation is responsible for financing and managing the Village Green operations. 

The Village Green has one part-time maintenance person and a full-time Village Green Manager responsible for operations, year-round programming and promotion.

A volunteer Management Committee of local residents oversees the Village Green team and reports to the Creemore Community Foundation Board of Directors, which provides ongoing funding.


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